Manual machine for samples (MA)

Manual machine for samples (MA)



The MA vacuum thermoforming machine is designed to produce samples and small thermoforming production of parts, starting from a thermoplastic sheet and using prototype or basic tools.

The advantages

  • Quick setup
  • Easy adjustments of the web working area
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption

The features

  • Manual sheet feeding.
  • Manual product unloading.
  • Heating is done by the single heating platen and quartz elements with longitudinal zone adjustments from a single thermocouple.
  • Mold platen movements activated by a pneumatic system.
  • Web clamping movements activated manually by the operator.
  • Plug assist (optional) movements activated by a pneumatic system.
  • Material cooling is provided by a high-speed cooling fan.
  • Cycle setup timer adjustments directly from PLC.
  Model MA  18
 Max working size (frontal side*large) (mm)*  500x350
  Max. positive high tool (mm)*  100 until 150

*Working size and mold depth customized under request.