Stacker for rounded parts

Horizontal stacker for difficult and rounded parts



This device is used in pair with the normal stacker of the Elektra RVE-PVE-PVDDC-FDC machines series to stack problematic or rounded thermoformed parts and store them directly into bags.


The advatages

  • Friendly use.
  • Stacking tool easily interchangeable.
  • Configuration with horizontal discharging.
  • Possibility of stacking directly in bags.
  • Absolute precision with servomotors operations.

The features

  • Strong frame iout of aluminium.
  • Servomotors for quick operations, easy adjustments and precision of movements.
  • Double storage compartment. One for the pre-stacking and the other for step discharging.
  • Parts discharging directly in bags positioned by the operator.

*Can be used with all stackers of Elektra RVE-PVE-PVDDC-FDC machines series.

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