Roll Cutter

Roller cutter machines: RCM series



This machine model is ideal for cutting with a steel rule die in semi-automatic cycle. 2 rolls driven by one motor are compressing a die with a strike plate on top (nylon or similar) from one side and then exit on the other side with the parts and scrap cut.


The advatages

  • Easy use.
  • Energy saving.
  • Controlled speed.
  • Trim in total safety.
  • Two driven rollers.

The features

  • Strong frame made out of steel.
  • Rolls controlled by inverter to have a control on speed and acceleration.
  • Rolls table on both side of the machine that can be used like a working table for loading or unloading products. Also incorporated roll to facilitate die movement.
  • Swing safety guards that control the rotations of the rolls.


RCM Model  40  50  65  85  100  120  150  200
 Max  Rolls trim width (mm)*  400  500  650  850  1000  1200  1500  2000

*Working size and sandwitch daylight customized under request.

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