Ergonomy Sheet Forming machine















Ergonomy seies - AS-M model


This model of thermoforming machine is used to work sheets and, thanks to the reduced working level and to the wide use of electric servomotors, it combines easiness of use, safety and productivity.


  • Electric system with servomotors: higher reliability, reduced energy consumption, high productivity, constant speed, higher thermoforming quality, molds height adjustable according to the needs.
  • Rapid molds clamping.
  • Reduced work height, without use of boards.
  • Absence of oil.
  • Energy saving (-60%).
  • More rapidity, more comfort, more safety.


  • Heating with control of each single resistance.
  • Electric automation with servomotors for the movement of the mold holder bolster and the clamping of sheets and countermolds; easily adjustable, working recording.
  • Front door fitted with rapid pneumatic opening device.
  • Mold holder bolster with rapid attachments and bolster extraction for an easy replacement of the molds (optional).
  • Cooled molds: the machine can be connected to a mold cooling circuit and/or a thermo station.
  • Ergonomics thanks to the reduced work height that, despite high drawing depths, avoid the staff using boards.
  • Sheet clamping by means of motorized longitudinal frame members with format reduction without use of tools.
  • Optical pyrometer (optional) that allows a precise control of the temperature optimizing the cooling time.
  • Air control by means of video-controlled proportional valve.
  • “Vacuum” management towards the electronically video-controlled mold.
  • Pre-drawing height controlled by an optical sensor, without manual intervention.
  • Photoelectric laser sensors avoid the direct contact between the sheet and the heating panels.
  • Fume extraction at the end of the cycle thanks to an automatic system extracting fumes from the container.
  • Cycle control through an industrial screen that allows the operator to easily adjust and record work parameters.
  • Remote diagnostics modem for the immediate assistance to the user.


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