Geiss DU 2000 T3 Sheet Forming

Geiss DU 2000 T3 Sheet Forming

Product no.: 18300


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Max. Forming area               mm        2000x1000
Max. Plate size                    mm        1950x950
Max. Material thickness         mm        12
Max. Depth of draw              mm        620
De-molding air                                   Auto
Type Heating                                     Flash    

upper heater   
lower heater     
clamping frame   
Clamping system      

           - Digital radiation pyrometer fitted to top heater to control heating time

            - Fast tool clamp system for tools

            - Motorized drive of bottom heater via crank arm

            - Servo valves for:

                o    Release air

                o    Table up

                o    Table lowering slowly

                o    Lower plug assist

            - Vacuum valves as motor control specified

            - Motorized, stepless clamp frame adjustment in both axis

            - Stepless, motorized window plate adjustment in both axis

            - FLASH elements

            - Front door with pneumatic operated locks



Additional product information

Ref-No. 18300
Year 1988
Delivery time
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  • Very Good
In Production Yes
  • Automatic Vaccum former
  • sheet Forming
Forming area (mm) 2000x1000
Depth 620

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