Form-fill-seal Machines

Form-fill-seal Machines



At our packaging machines are including all lines where the final packages are in a close thermoplastic container whit the products inside. The process starts from a thermoplastic roll of material (usually made of PVC or PETG) and finishing as a complete package.


The advantages

  • Working only vacuum and/or vacuum and air pressure
  • Forming Press in diagonal or 180° swingable for a quick tool change.
  • Movement system: done by servomotors or pneumatics for a greater reliability, higher productivity and quality, constant speed and to facilitate the mold depth positioning.
  • Fast tool locks.
  • Operator safety zone for feeding parts in the automatic cycle.
  • Loading parts by robot with vacuum cups in automatic mode.
  • Introducing publicity pamphlet via automatic systems.
  • Labeling inline can be supplied.
  • Welding by high frequency or contact plate.
  • Punching station before cutting press for european hole.
  • Stacking downward under conveyor.

The features

  • Unwind auto-lifting roll trolley system for a quick and simple setup.
  • Film index with double pin chain driven by servomotor. Optional offset system option to work with printed film.
  • Pre-heat system that allows to heat the two lateral edges of the material to accommodate thicker and harder material production capabilities.
  • Double heating platen system with individual zone control, to control every part of the heating process.
  • Independents forming station table movements actuated by servomotors.
  • Plug assist or third motion system on both forming tables control individually by servomotors for a better material distribution.
  • Swingable or diagonal forming station for quick mold change, easier and faster maintenance schedule.
  • Inline welding station with hot plates and/or high frequency with practical roll closing support.
  • Punching press can be supplied for European hole trim with pneumatic or servomotors activation.
  • Optional labeling machine for labels with adhesive.
  • Four colons trim press with tables driven by toggles and servomotors or hydraulic multipliers.
  • Down stacking Output of products by driven conveyor.
  • Stations positions controlled by actuators and encoders.
  • Scrap wrapping device with constant tension and safety clutch. Extraction is made by pneumatic system.
  • All adjustments are made from the touchscreen for easier and faster parameters changes.
  • Color touch screen to make parameter adjustments and supervise the thermoforming process.
  • Recipe memory system to do faster tool changeover. Recall or save parameters in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Compact flash card memory backup.
  • Internet-ready to allow our technicians to diagnose or supervise any aspect of the system.
 FFS Model  16  18  24  33  42
 Max working size (width*index) (mm)*  400x400  500x350  600x400  600x550  650x650
 Max  lower strokes tables (mm)*  120  120  120  120  150
 Max  upper strokes tables (mm)*  120  120  120  120  150

*Working size and depth customized under request.