Pre-heater DPH series



Optional device that preheats thick material out from roll. It is preheating material with heat drums. This system is usually used before the heating station of a thermoformer especially for material like PP where the thermal inertia is high and difficult to heat up to the core.

The advatages

  • Friendly use.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • No use of thermal liquid for a cleaner and safer use.
  • Controlled speed.

The features

  • Strong aluminium frame.
  • Adjustable roller speed by inverter .
  • Optional air tight enclose system with heating and recirculating fans.
  • Photoeyes for material sag control.
  • Thermocouple controlled for a precise control of the rolls temperatures.
  • Independent system that can be used with other thermofomer brands.
  • Device with 2 or 4 drums with heating cartridges.
  • Safety guard with easy opening for control the drums rotation.


  DPH Models (2 rolls) - 4DPH Models (4 rolls)  40  50  65  80  90  100
 Max  Width of materail heating (mm)*  450  550  700  850  950  1050

*Width size customized under request.




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