ILLIG RV 53b Thermoforming machine

Product no.: 19232


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Vacuum Form machine for the production of plastic Blister packaging PS, PVC, PET etc. and 2.5 bar Pressure

  • Un-winder
  • Top and bottom heating plate
  • Skeletal waste windier
  • With moveable bottom table
  • Extra Hole Punching unit
  • Stacking unit.


forming area 350 x 500 mm
max. material width 550 mm 
depth of draw 100 mm positive, 40mm negative
Overhauled in 2020
  • New Main Servo drive on upper Forming table
  • Overhauled Servo drive on lower Forming table
  • New Frequency control on booth tables.
  • New cables on Servo drives
  • New bus cable to connect PLC and siemens Display on front 
  • New brake on Stacking station


- control system Siemens S7-300, cabinet with air condition
- motor driven foil unreel unit  for roll diam. 1200mm
- top heater length 1125mm with row regulation ceramic elements
- lower heater length 875mm with row regulation ceramic elements
- both pneumatically driven
- Servo drive for foil transport
- foil transport with hardened steel plates
- foil transport with pneumatic spreading system
- vacuum forming station with pressure air support up to 2 bar with motor
driven upper and lower table
- Vacuum/pressure air digital adjustment in 15 steps
- upper/lower clamping frame 
- cutting press movable top and bottom table 300 kN closing force
- Stacking station with ejector and conveyor belt
- waste winder

Additional product information

Ref-No. 19232
Year 2002
Delivery time
  • Immediately
  • Very Good
In Production Yes
Overhauled in 2020
  • Automatic Vaccum former
  • Trim press
  • Stacking Unit
  • Winder / Re-winder
  • Forming / Cutting separate
Forming area (mm) 500 x 350
Film width (mm) 550
Depth 100

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