Omso DM 19Z Lid Printer

Product no.: 20284


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No. of printing heads                          3
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Ref-No. 20281
Year 197?
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In Production No
  • Lid
No. of Colour Heads 3
Product Dimensions


Center roll diameter                                                                                     200 mm

Diameter of cliché roller                                                                              100 mm

Ink drift                                                                                                              40 mm

Internal pressure segments                                                                       N. 2

Segments for external pressure                                                               N. 2

Roller pressure adjustment                                                                       with eccentric

Paint feed                                                                                                         with paint box

Max. Diameter of round lid                                                                        130 mm

Min. Diameter of round lid                                                                         30 mm

Max. Dimensions of the square lid                                                          130 x 130 mm

Max. Print length                                                                                            110 mm

Max. Printing width                                                                                       110 mm

Self-braking electric motor                                                                         PS: 1.5 400 U / h

Reduction gear                                                                                                with screws = wheels

Speed regulator                                                                                              endless

Max. Output                                                                                                     12,000 pieces / hour

Operating pressure of pneumatic system                                             6 Atü

Max. Air consumption                                                                                  liter / 1 ‘

Max. Power consumption                                                                           1.8 kW / S

Dimensions        length                                                                                  2850 mm

             Width                                                                                  1000 mm

                       Height                                                                                 1650 mm

Weight                                                                                                 850 kg

Max. Speed 12000 / h

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