BASF nyloprint WSE II 73

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nyloprint device combination CW 22x30
Device combination for exposing, washing and drying water-washable nyloprint printing plates and foils. 
Max. Usable format: DIN A4

Electric: 220V, 50 Hz, 1.7 KVA
Weight: approx. 55 kg
Dimensions: 605x550x955 mm

Heating capacity: approx. 1000 watts
Wash-out tub: 380x445x110 mm
Fill height: 90 mm
Water volume: approx. 15 ltr.
Heating time: approx. 20 min.
Temperature range: 20-40 ° C
Control accuracy: +/- 2 ° C
Plate carrier with magnetic rubber: 340x250 mm

Number of UV tubes: 6
Length: 420 mm
Power: 15 watts
Arrangement of UV tubes: tube axis parallel to the long side of the plate
Distance tube / plate: approx. 40 mm
UV tube type: Sylvania Blacklite, F 15 / T8 BL

Vacuum plate (channels): 340x235 mm
Size of the foil: approx. 420 mm over the entire depth of the vacuum plate
Vacuum pump: membrane vacuum pump, ASF, N 7012/24 V

Drawer dimensions: 450x290 mm

Heating: cross-flow fan with heating and overtemperature protection Heidolph, type. 831.107.0001, 220V / 500 watt

heating time 20-80 ° C: 10 min.

Water-washable nyloprint relief printing plates and foils for book printing, lettersets and hot mats.

Plate guillotines 65
Max. cutting length: 650 mm (25,59')
Weight: 47 kg nett / 65 kg gross
Crate dimensions: 930x600x290 mm

Structure of the plate types with a highly flexible steel beam
Plate type WSE II 73
Total thickness: 0.79 mm
Relief thickness: 0.56 mm
Steel beam: 0.14 mm

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Ref-No. 21301
Year 1993
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