AS Models Manual or semi-Automatic

AS Models Manual or semi-Automatic

AS Models Manual or semi-Automatic




  • Loading and Unloading device
  • Pre-heater
  • Thermoforming unit
  • Blow Box and Mould table
  • Clamping frames
  • Heating panels
  • Plug Assist and Cooling system
  • Control system


The advantages

  • Electrical configuration model with servomotors: greater reliability, high productivity, constant speed, higher thermoformed, quality, adjustable depth mould.
  • Fast tool locks.
  • Different heating ovens configurations for greater energy saving
  • Working clamping window adjustable by motors
  • Accept thick material sheet
  • Quick setup
  • Low maintenance


The futures

  • Manual sheet feeding or optional automatic sheet feeder that can take sheet from storage or on a pallet if needed.
  • Manual product unloading or optional automatic product unloader that unload thermoformed product on one side of the machine (can be determined by customer).
  • Heating is done by single or optional double heating platen. Heaters are made out of ceramic and are design for energy saving. Zones are controlled individually for a better heating process.
  • Heater pyrometric reading sensor both for heating temperatures and/or for cooling fan controls.
  • Mould platen movements activated by pneumatic, hydraulic or servomotors system.
  • Web clamping movements activated by pneumatic, hydraulic or with servomotor systems.
  • Plug assist movements activated by pneumatic, hydraulic or with servomotor systems.
  • Servovalves to control vacuum, release, bellow, or sheet support during the heating phase.
  • Material cooling is provided by high-speed cooling fans with an optional spray system to increase the thermoformed part cooling speed.
  • Optional preheating ovens to speed up the cycle.
  • All adjustments are made from the touchscreen for easier and faster parameter changes.
  • Colour touch screen to make parameter adjustments and supervise the thermoforming process.
  • Recipe memory system to do faster tool changeover Recall or save parameters in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Compact flash card memory backup.
  • Internet-ready to allow OMG technicians to diagnose or supervise any aspect of the system.


Technical details AS Models
Model AS 35 70 96 150 192 200 240 300 300B 375 416 450 576 600
Max working size (frontal side*large) (mm)* 750x500 1000x700 1200x800 1500x1000 1600x1200 2000x1000  2000x1200 2000x1500 2500x1200 2500x1500 2600x1600 3000x1500 3600x1600 3000x2000
Max. Mold depth (mm)* 150 500 550 550 600 600  600 600 600 600 900 900 900 900

*Working size and mold depth customized under request.