Grinder for plastic product and roll films

After the production of any plastic product available is approx. 30% of waste material. Also, some of the final products aren't good enough for the market and has to be destroyed. Here are coming on the process the grinders.



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Rapid Grinder

Product no.: 18233

Grinder with window 800x450 mm

In store

Dreher S 20/20 GFS-Spez.-L

Product no.: 17278

Small grinder for PS & PP products


4,500.00 *
In store

New ILLIG RS 75b

Product no.: 21331

Skeletal Web-Grinder

In store

Dreher Delta 26/41

Product no.: 16278

Web-Grinder for the Edge of Extrusion foil.



Hellweg MG650-200RS

Product no.: 10279

Skeletal film Web-Grinder

Year: 2011



Product data sheet

Tria NS 900

Product no.: 16233

Web-Grinder for film up to 900 mm


CMG S40-70 ARTS Grinder

Product no.: 19278

Grinder for waste Extrusion Foil as well for plastic products.



Amis Zerma GSC 500/500 cutting mill

Product no.: 19279

Suitable for crushing bottle crates, profiles, plates, films or start-up lumps and thick-walled pots.



Getecha RS 3006/E1.25

Product no.: 10233

Web-Grinder for film up to 630 mm


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