Gabler Focus 60

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The thermoforming machine is designed for producing deep-drawn formed parts using heated plastic film.
The machine features a controlled un-winder to feed the plastic film from a roll and a toothed conveyor belt for automatic transportation through the machine.
The film is heated from above and below in the heating station, then vacuumed and compressed air is used to pull it into a mold for deep-drawing.
After cooling, the outer contours are trimmed, and the individual blanks are held in place by retaining collars.
In the stacking station, the product blanks are pressed out of the film and stacked on a conveyor belt, which transports them out of the machine once a set amount is reached.
The entire process is automated based on programmed specifications, except for the manual removal of finished workpieces at the outlet.
The trimming and stacking stations can be adjusted for different product sizes, and the machine incorporates sensors for monitoring various aspects of the process.
Maximum film width: 620 mm 
Minimum film width: 270 mm 
Film thickness: 0.1 to 1.9 mm
Operating pressure 6-10 bar
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50 Hz ( 60 Hz)
Power load 158.9 kVA
Acoustic power 75 dB(A)
Total weight ca. 11,000 kg
Film level above ground ca. 1535 mm
Machine speed max. 55 cycles/min



Additional product information

Ref-No. 23273
Year 2017
Delivery time
  • Immediately
  • Excellent
In Production Yes
  • Automatic pressure former
  • Pre-heater
  • Cutting in Mould
Forming area (mm) 600x400
Film width (mm) 620
Depth 120

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