Machine for molding cutlery containers for kitchens

Machine for molding cutlery containers for kitchens



A thermoforming machine for cutlery containers is an equipment used in the production of cutlery containers in commercial or industrial kitchens.

This machine carries out the thermoforming process, which involves heating a sheet of plastic or other thermoformed material until it is flexible and then molded into a specific shape.

Here's how the process of this customized machine works:

1.Material preparation: A thermoformed plastic sheet is used, which is generally thicker than a standard plastic sheet; a pick-up takes the sheet from one of the two plate stores and brings it to the feed axis of the machine (note: there are two stores because, when the plates end, the operator can safely load new plates while the machine continues to work with the opposite store).

2.Slab centering and preheating of external edges: the sheet just unloaded in the area in charge by the pick-up is centered by lateral devices and the edges are preheated to allow the advancement with the pointed chains.

3.Heating: The plastic sheet is heated evenly until it reaches a temperature where it becomes flexible and malleable, using three heating stages.

4.Thermoforming: The heated plastic sheet is then shaped using a mold, mounted on a toggle press, which has the desired shape of the containers to be obtained.

5.Cooling: After obtaining the desired shape, the material is cooled quickly to solidify and maintain its shape, inside the mold

6.Labelling: when the newly formed container passes, a labelling device affixes a label to the bottom of the container, which identifies the batch and everything necessary to identify the data relating to the printout.

7.Cutting of the four edges: the trimming to measure of the edge takes place by means of side cutters that adapt according to the size of the edges to be obtained.

8.Stacking: The thermoformed containers are removed from the edge trimming area and stacked on carpet, ready to be unloaded on the operator side counted as needed.


Model 50
Max working area (width*pitch) (mm)* 800x1200
Max downward platens strokes (mm)* 200

Max upward platens strokes (mm)*


*Work area and particular heights of thermoformed parts on request.