Used Machines

Used Plastic Processing Machines

We offer a great variety of Preowned Machines for the Plastic Processing Industry.


We are specialized in the following equipment:

  • Thermoforming with automatic roll-fed machines for forming / punching operation. 
    The machine is suitable for the production of cups, lids, trays and similar products in small and medium batch sizes.
  • With separate forming and punching, automatic pressure forming machines.
    Suitable for the production of precision formings made of thermoplastics such as PS, OPS, PP, PE and PVC.
  • Automatic pressure forming machines suitable for forming/punching tools with integrated steel rule dies.
  • Automatic vacuum forming machine - roll-fed machine for separate forming and punching with steel rule dies.
  • Sheet processing machines.
  • Pre-heating units For the processing of PP film.
  • Granulators – for inter-linkage with all roll-fed thermoforming machines.
  • Molds - Tools for Thermoforming machines.


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New TFT IMC B 740

Product no.: 18254

Thermoforming machine with Forming area 720x430 mm


In store

New Omso Keycup, 2001

Product no.: 18272

7 color Cup Printing machine (5 heads installed), year 2001


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New ILLIG RV 53b

Product no.: 18232

Vacuum Form machine for the production of plastic Blister packaging PS, PVC, PET etc.

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2nd hand thermoforming machines and equipment.




Preowned Extruder and Co-Extrusion lines.



Recycling units, Grinders, Shredder, etc.



Used Injection machines and units.



Labelling , paper, padding, and other machines.

Other equipment

Other equipment

Winder, Pre-heater, Drying, Doses, Mixer a.o.