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Hoecker polytechnik deduster

Product no.: 10507

Höcker Polytechnik wheeled suction R 140

Diamater D = 140 mm GS wood dust test

In store

New Compressed Air Dryer HANKISON International

Product no.: 19240

Compressed Air Dryer HANKISON 

2,850.00 *
Product data sheet
In store

New Rotary Valve Dust Lock

Product no.: 19385

Rotary Valve for Dust Lock

In store

GRAMEGNA Packaging Unit

Product no.: 10501

PE Film Packaging Unit

In store

New Motan Filter

Product no.: 19287

Motan Filter

In store

New Rotary Valve

Product no.: 19386

Rotary Valve

In store

New Bevel Helical Gearbox

Product no.: 19387

Bevel Helical Gearbox

Product data sheet
In store

New Motan Dosing Gravicolor 600

Product no.: 19286

Motan Dosing and Mixing with control panel

In store

New Motan Dosing Gravicolor 100

Product no.: 19285

Motan Dosing and Mixing

In store

Motan control Selvac2

Product no.: 19289

Motan Control


Motan Gravicolor control

Product no.: 19288

Motan Control


New Colortronic Air Dryer

Product no.: 19291

Dosing Mixing Dryer

In store

Motan display control Metro

Product no.: 19290

Motan Control


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Other equipment

Winder, Dryer, Dosis, Mixer, Unwinding units, etc.


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