Bandera-Co-Extrusion Line with OMV thermoforming CMG grinder

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Complete Co-Extrusion Bandera INLINE with OMV thermoforming machine for the production of plates


consisting of:

  1. Dosing unit from Engiplast. Gravimetric. With this system the line is receiving the material directly from Silo’s and it is possible to get other materials from Big-Bag as well with screw from side silo. The gravometric system can get 4 different materials. Before the final material comes on extruder, is moving by a Engiplast system which keep the pressure directly on the screw of extruder stabilize. In this way the extruder will never run without material and control the pressure on the screw.
  2. Main Extruder Bandera (No. 17183, year 1997, Blasia 220, GR-XP 150 with The Dirve of from ABB type DMG 225S with 440 V, 521 A, and 213 kW compelte overhaued in 02.08.2022. Gear is from Flender Typ KS 50, i=29:1. Screw diameter 120 mm and L/D 33. 5 air blowing cooling zones and heating zones. BT Plast Screen Changer hydraulic and automatic with pump.
  3. Co-Extrusion Bandera (No. 17188, year 1997) Blasia 220, GR-XP 150, with the drive on is ABB Type DMP 160-4M, 52 kW, 460V, 125,2A. Screw diameter 60 mm. BT Plast Screen Changer hydraulic and automatic with pump.
  4. Maag Melt pump
  5. Feed Box for A-B-A system
  6. Flat Flex Lip Die 1400 mm
  7. OMV Thermoforming machine included with calander and Tool manufacture from company Thermostampi
  8. 4x Chilling units for calander and tool
  9. DM Pack packaging unit and from Tecno Pack to packaging the plates in foil and with SmartDateX40 markek-imaje to print on the PE packaged pieces the QS code.
  10. Web-Grinder TRIA type: 1200/TR-NX, year 1997 and M.Nr. 33.4739.97 with blower and Silo to return the flakes directly into the mail Extruder
  11. Control panel with Siemens S5, SEW Frequency control, ABB Drives.


Additional product information

Ref-No. 19236
Year 1997
Delivery time
  • Immediately
  • OK
  • Just from Production
In Production No
  • Co-extrusion thermoforming film line
  • Extruder
  • Die
  • Complete Line
Output (Kg/hr) 800
Max. Film Width (mm) 1,000

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